I am a Debian developer again, and here's what I plan to do at first:

  • continue driving DEP5 to conclusion
  • help develop piuparts
  • participate in Freedom Box development
  • write some other tools to aid Debian development, perhaps one to help maintainer scripts create/remove system accounts more easily

I don't expect to do a lot of packaging work. I'll package, or help package, stuff that I develop, but I'll not be specifically be looking for stuff to package.

Good to have you back! I'm especially pleased to see the momentum on DEP5.
Comment by jmtd [livejournal.com] Thu Sep 9 08:45:05 2010
Oh well. I suppose if you create new debian/copyright files for all my packages, current and future, you can go on and drive DEP 5. But otherwise, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DOING SO.
Comment by mirabilos [launchpad.net] Thu Sep 9 11:05:56 2010
mirabilos, I don't think you understand that using DEP5 is entirely voluntary. It's also not more work than a free-form one. If you don't want to convert, that's fine.
Comment by liw.fi Thu Sep 9 13:11:25 2010


Good to hear about DEP-5 evolutions.

I've talked about this subject on #debian-perl and proposed to write a tool to parse and validate DEp-5 files with Config::Model. I've now a first proto which pass the first tests. I hope to release it within 2 weeks.

Since this tool is based on Config::Model, it will adapt easily to DEP-5 evolutions.

All the best

Comment by ddumont Thu Sep 9 13:33:30 2010
ddumont, cool! when you're ready to do so, please e-mail debian-project@lists.d.o with an explanation of the code.
Comment by liw.fi Thu Sep 9 14:49:33 2010

@liw: writing a DEP5 debian/copyright file is definitely more work than failing to maintain an existing debian/copyright file, though, which might be mirabilos' actual objection.

@ddumont: great idea! Actually, I thought I had already had it, but I was writing a parser for DEP3, not 5. Depending on how complex it gets, I would suggest that a parser might be a good thing to include in the DEP itself.

Comment by jmtd [livejournal.com] Thu Sep 9 21:37:33 2010

I've written a blog on the creation of a DEP-5 parser using Config::Model.

I'll release the code soon first on CPAN, then in Debian's libconfig-model-perl.

See http://ddumont.wordpress.com/2010/09/14/119/

All the best

Comment by ddumont Tue Sep 14 12:19:18 2010

Thanks for that, I thought “driving to conclusion” meant forcing it (at least for new uploads or something).

I recognise that it may have value in some cases, but is, in my opinion, over-engineered for the general case… took me, even with a smaller policy some years ago, 2 days to make my first package already. (This isn’t entirely bad but not all good either IMO.)

Comment by mirabilos [launchpad.net] Tue Sep 14 16:39:08 2010

Hello Thanks to gregea's sponsorship, the new parser for DEP5 is available in libconfig-model-perl 1.209. To run it, use the command config-edit-dep5.

For instance: $ dh-make-perl --cpan Dancer [snip] $ cd Dancer-1.1812/ $ config-edit-dep5 -ui none $ sed -i 's/GPL/PGL/' debian/copyright $ config-edit-dep5 -ui none Configuration item 'Debian::Dep5 License id' has a wrong value: Unexpected key 'PGL-1'. Key must match ^(?i:Apache|Artistic|BSD|FreeBSD|ISC|CC-BY|CC-BY-SA|CC-BY-ND|CC-BY-NC|CC-BY-NC-SA|CC-BY-NC-ND|CC0|CDDL|CPL|Eiffel|Expat|GPL|LGPL|GFDL|GFDL-NIV|LPPL|MIT|MPL|Perl|PSF|QPL|W3C-Software|ZLIB|Zope|other)[\d.-]*+?$

'-ui none' option is specified to skip user interfaces.

All the best

Comment by ddumont Wed Sep 22 12:05:12 2010