I recently heard about Instapaper on the Stack Exchange podcast. It's a service that makes it easy (they say) to save web pages for reading later, possibly on another machine or device.

I've been doing that for some years now, using the "File/Save" feature in my browser. Last year, this became lots better, when I found the MAFF add-on to Firefox. MAFF saves the page, and any images it includes, in a zipped file, which can later be viewed directly in Firefox. Or Iceweasel, in my case. It's much handier to have everything in one file, rather than a foo.html file plus a foo_files/ directory, which is what Firefox usually saves as.

This does not make it possible to, for example, read the page on my phone, since I've saved the file on my laptop, but I can live with that. However, the complete autonomy of this solution is much to my liking.

I have a "read and review" folder for things I need to read. After I'm done with something, I can easily delete it. If I want to keep it permanently, I can move it to an archive folder.

I haven't got a solution for full text searching through my growing archive of MAFF files, but I'll figure that out some day, too, I'm sure.

I'm working on a delicious replacement for bookmarks that is open sourced and can store the textual content of a page parsed like a poor man's instapaper.

The content is then available via the fulltext engine of the db you choose. It works with sqlite, mysql, and postgresql.

Not exactly the same since I don't grab images and other content, but might be useful or at least something to look at:

  • http://docs.bmark.us
  • Example search https://bmark.us/results/instapaper?content=on
  • https://github.com/mitechie/Bookie
Comment by Richard Thu Jul 7 16:15:29 2011
Have you tried the Scrapbook Firefox add-on? It leta you save complete web pages, organize and search them. You can even add annotations to "offloned" pages.
Comment by Roderich Thu Jul 7 22:41:07 2011