I've just made release 1.2 of Obnam, my backup program. The NEWS file entry:

  • Added a note to --node-size that it only affects new B-trees. Thanks, Michael Brown.
  • New obnam diff subcommand to show differences (added/removed/modified files) between two generations, by Peter Valdemar Mørch.
  • obnam backup now logs the names of files that are getting backed up at the INFO level rather than DEBUG.
  • The command synopsises for backup, restore, and verify commands now make it clearer that Obnam only accepts directories, not individual files, as arguments. (For now.)
  • The output from the show plugin can now be redirected with the --output=FILE option. Affected subcommands: clients, generations, genids, ls, diff, nagios-last-backup-age.

Bug fixes:

  • Notify user of errors during backups.
  • The SFTP plugin now manages to deal with repository paths starting with /~/ which already exist without crashing.
  • Character and block device nodes are now restored correctly. Thanks to Martin Dummer for the bug report.
  • The symmteric key for a toplevel repository directory is re-encrypted when a public key is added or removed to the toplevel using the add-key or remove-key subcommands.
  • Manual page typo fix. Thanks, Steve Kemp.

This release has been uploaded to my own apt repository on code.liw.fi, for squeeze and unstable. Due to the Debian freeze, I am not uploading this to Debian at this time, though some changes may eventually be uploaded there.

GPG is good to protect from NSA or if your data is really secret.

In my case, my data is not all the secret and I don't worry about NSA, but I still encrypt in case the drives get stolen.

Have you considered to allow for weaker and therefore faster encryption for those that just want to protect against thieves that steal for hardware and not software?

Sort of an enterprise level and home level encryption option.

Comment by Sandra Mon Oct 8 10:10:22 2012

Thank, You! For yet another backup system ;)

Sorry, for my English :(

Comment by vi Mon Oct 8 16:16:12 2012


no, I haven't considered making different levels of encryption for different users. I don't see the point. However, the Obnam plugin architecture allows someone else to implement that if they want to.

Comment by liw.fi Mon Oct 8 17:54:16 2012

Thank you for this new release. It is good to read that the backup format did not change. Thus I can use it on top of my old backups. You could also consider uploading it to experimental while we are in freeze for Wheezy.

Comment by Ricky Tue Oct 9 06:59:14 2012