I spent a few days in Cambridge for a minidebconf. This is a tiny version of the full annual Debconf. We had a couple of days for hacking, and another two days for talks.

I spent my hacking time on thinking about vmdebootstrap (my tool for generating disk images with an installed Debian), and came to the conclusion I need to atone my sins for writing such crappy code by rewriting it from scratch to be nicer to use. I gave a talk about this, too. The mailing list post has the important parts, and meetings-archive has a video.

I haven't started the rewrite, and it's not going to make it for stretch.

I also gave two other talks, on the early days of Linux, and Qvarn, the latter being what I do at work.

Thank you to ARM, for sponsoring the location, and the other sponsors for sponsoring food. These in-real-life meetings between developers are important for the productivity and social cohesion of Debian.