Distix is my distributed ticketing system. I initially wrote the core of it as a bit of programming performance art, to celebrate my 30 years as a programmer. Distix is built on top of git and emails in Maildirs. It is a silent listener to your issue and bug discussions: as long as you ensure it gets a copy of each mail, it takes care of automatically arranging things into separate tickets based on email threading. Users and customers do not need to even know Distix is being used. Only the "support staff" need ever interact with Distix, and they mostly only need to close tickets that have been dealt with.

I've been using Distix for my own stuff for some time now, and recently we've started using it at work. I slowly improve it as we find problems.

It's not a sleek, smooth, finished tool. It's clunky, weird, and probably not what you want. But it's what I want.

Changes in recent months:

  • There is a new website: http://distix.eu/. No particular good reason for a new website, but I won the domain for free a couple of years ago, so I might as well use it.

  • In addition, a ticketing system for Distix itself: http://tickets.distix.eu/. Possibly I should've called the subdomain dogfood, but I'm a serious person, not prone to trying to be funny.

  • Mails can now be imported using IMAP.

  • Importing has been optimized for speed and memory use, making my own production use more practical.

I've discussed with a friend the possibility of writing a web UI, and some day maybe that will happen. For now, distix is a command line applicaton that can generate a static HTML site.