We’re breaking Subplot, our acceptance testing tool. This is quite intentional: we want to make some fairly large feature changes, and we want do them as soon as possible, and we feel it’d take quite a bit longer if we did them in a series of careful, non-breaking steps.

Given that we ourselves are almost the only users of Subplot so far, and Subplot being at the alpha stage, we’ve opted to be lazy and fast, rather than careful.

Specifically, we are changing the following:

  • Bring Rust up to equal footing with Python for implement scenario step functions. This will involves changes to bindings files. To avoid breaking anything, we’d have to support both old and new file formats, and that’d take more effort.

  • Move document metadata from being embedded in Markdown to being a separate YAML file. This will simplify things a fair bit, both conceptually, for the users, and for us developers. Again, we probably won’t support the old way.

  • Change to use a pure Rust crate for parsing Markdown, instead of the Pandoc program. This will inevitably involve some changes to what input language is supported, but will allow us to not require having an external program installed to run Subplot. We will continue to use Pandoc to produce typeset output, at least PDF, though we may switch to using pure Rust for HTML output.

If any of this affects you, we’d be happy to hear what you think.

Once Subplot exits the alpha stage, we’ll be much more careful with breaking changes. We already have a mechanism in place to make sure we don’t accidentally change things that have worked before.