I've used Reddit for many years. I used it for many years without an account, but eventually I made one. The site has always had its share of unpleasantness, people who're more interested in tearing down than in building. In recent years, it's gotten worse, and getting out of hand.

During the fairly short reign of Ellen Pao as CEO, I found things to be getting better. The site was starting to make it clear that harrassment, for example, was unacceptable. Unsurprisingly, this made some of the nastier people quite upset.

Pao has now resigned, and a new CEO has started. He had an "Ask Me Anything" session yesterday, and made it clear that he's changing things. From my point of view, it's changing to the worse. He made it clear that as long as Reddit itself does not get into legal trouble, and harrassment isn't too overt or particularly public, it's OK now.

I've closed my Reddit account.