I've recently started a new job, working for Collabora. I'll be doing stuff. Involving free software. For clients. Who may or may not want to keep the exact details secret, until they can surprise everyone. So that's all I'm saying right now.

Collabora seems to be a nice company to work for, though. A solid reputation among free software developers, highly skilled co-workers, and an excellent attitude in many things.

Except for when I am the sysadmin, theirs was the easiest, smoothest, nicest, best documented, and least power-trippy initial account creation, access configuration, etc, procedure I've ever experienced. The sysadmins and others who set this up are so nice and good that I might not care about running my own servers, if every sysadmin was like them.

Further, Collabora is happy for me to work from home, wherever home happens to be, so we'll not be tied down to any one place. That's good, because moving to a new country at least once a year seems to be interesting enough that we might want to do it in the future, too.