I'd like to buy most of my books as e-books, particularly novels.

I'd like buy to all of my movies and TV shows as downloads.

I'd like to buy maps for my Garmin GPS device as a download.

I can do none of these things, unless I consent to restrict my freedoms in essential ways. For example, I can buy books, but only if I read them on a Kindle or Nook or similar restricted device. I can buy TV shows on iTunes, but I can't watch them on my Linux laptop. I can buy the maps, but only if I get a Windows (or maybe Mac) computer so I can run Garmin's proprietary software to download the maps and put them on the device.

There are ways to circumvent these restrictions. Doing that is illegal in various countries I would like to live in. If I'm going to be breaking the law, the easier route would be to copy thing illegally.

I can choose to succumb to corporate enslavement, where they get to decide what I watch, and how. Even when I try do this, I fail: I installed Amazon's Kindle software for the Android, but it would still not let me buy anthing, saying that each title is not available in my country. It said this even for stuff long past copyright, while giving pointers to the same thing in Project Gutenberg.

Alternatively, I can choose to reject doing things digitally, and relying on paper for books and maps, and rental DVDs for video stuff.

I've heard rumors that there is a lot of good stuff legally downloadable for free. Maybe I should go find some more. I have a short list already, but finding the stuff that actually interests me is not easy.