I've just made release version 0.0.3 of Dimbola, my photo management app. From the NEWS file:


  • Ratings are now shown as actual stars rather than asterisk characters (*).
  • Tag name editing now happens in the tag hierarchy, rather than in a popup dialog.
  • Photos can be rated with the 0-5 keys in the thumbnail grid and photo views.
  • Default thumbnail size in the grid is now 200 pixels, because liw got tired of having to adjust it every time he started Dimbola.
  • The Escape key returns from full screen mode in the photo window.
  • Control-W closes the photo window.


  • The thumbnail grid and photo views are now switched via the menu. It was too difficult to find a solution for switching between the them in the tabbed interface, without the tabs occasionally getting focus and making things non-deterministic for the user.
  • Netpbm command line tools are no longer used to do image format conversions. Instead, the internal GdkPixbuf routines do that.


  • When adding new tags, the tag hierarchy is kept sorted.
  • When tags are renamed or removed, the updates are immediately shown in the photo's tag list, and the search tag list.
  • Photo's tag list is now insensitive when no photo or more than one photo is selected. It can only be used with one selected photo.
  • When bringing up the popup menu in the photo or search tag list, if no tag is selected, the tag under the cursor is selected. The menu's "remove" menu entry is properly sensitive.
  • The "stop" button at the bottom left of the main window is now properly sensitive, and actually does stop background jobs.
  • The "remove tag" button ("-") at the top of the tag hierarchy is properly sensitive.
  • Folder list can now be scrolled.
  • Dialog windows are transient for the main window. This helps the window manager position them properly.
  • Thumbnail grid and photo view have a visual focus indicator and grab the focus when clicked upon.