On Thursday, I gave a packaging tutorial for Debian-Women. The logs are now available on the Debian wiki, and also on the meetbot site. This was similar to the Ubuntu Developer Week sessions I've participated in the past.

Giving these tutorials is fun. It's also a great way to share your knowledge and skills. While most of the session is going to be uni-directional, with the teacher speaking and everyone else listening, IRC is an interactive medium, so whenever there is something unclear, the students can ask questions or make comments.

And that's what makes these sessions different from people just reading a web page on their own: the chance to interact with the teacher.

It would be great to see other Debian people do their own sessions. There are a lot of topics, and they don't even have to be about teaching. For example, a session where the Debian kernel team answers questions from the audience might be nice. Or the X team, or the DPL, or whoever. Debian's done these things for DPL elections on several years. The election sessions are hectic and pretty stressful for the participants, but that's because they're elections, not because of the sessions themselves.

Any other Debian people up to this?