Ubuntu 9.04 (codename jaunty) was released yesterday. My brain has started to recover from ISO testing, and the weather is nice.

I did not do all that much ISO testing for this release cycle, but I did some. I do my testing with KVM on a quad-core machine, allowing me to run up to four tests in parallel. This screws up my brain.

Not everyone does ISO testing, so they might not appreciate the repetetive aspect of it. Imagine this: every test consists of installing Ubuntu onto a fresh KVM instance. Every install is almost identical to all the others, except at the few crucial places it's not. Doing a few dozen of these during three days means that you go through the same almost identical process so many times that when you finally get to bed, you dream of a maze of twisty little installs, all alike.

No wumpuses, though.

If I'd at least found a lot of bugs, it wouldn't have been so monotonous, but no, it was almost bug-free. I think I filed three bug reports and two of those were minor cosmetic problems.