I recently bought a new laptop, and since it's not an Apple one, it had a bunch of ugly stickers in front of the keyboard. From experience I know that if I left them there, their edges would start to get a bit loose and scratch my wrists.

The people who decide to put stickers on laptops are evil. And stupid.

Anyway, removing stickers neatly is not all that difficult, but, wow, there's a howto that is actually useful.

I've just removed the stickers on havelock. I pried the corners loose with a knife, and pulled them off. This left a lot of glue residue, which I mostly rubbed off with my fingers and some paper. The remaining glue was removable using some more paper and very small amounts of vodka.

No scratches, no marks, the laptop looks as if it had never had any stickers on it. I'd provide a photo, but a picture of black plastic would be boring.

Someone should start a campaign to lobby laptop makers to not put stickers on them.