Tuesday: Gabriella Coleman's keynote about the origins and impact of the free software and hacker communities on the rest of the world was wonderful. Missed other talks, feeling very "shell shocked" and maybe culture shocked, and not really wanting to talk to people or hear people talk. Did see Blackheath's Haskell talk, which was a basic overview of Haskell features.

Wednesday: Mako Hill's keynote was very inspiring. Concepts of autonomy and anti-features are good. Matthew Garrett's "Making yourself popular" talk was good, though perhpas a bit shallow. JobsBOF was a washout for me, nothing interesting there. Roger Fenwick's "World's worst inventions" was funny.


(The above photo is rather bad. Sorry. I did not feel like carrying around with a real camera so I made do with the phone's.)

Thursday: Glyn Moody's keynote quite exceptionally good. He's one of my favorite two IT journalists. (The other one, Jon Corbet, was also at LCA, though I missed his talk and failed to talk to him.) Skipped the rest of the conference day, as Soile and I went and opened bank accounts and shopped for a car.

Friday: Lighting talks were ok, it's a good concept. Photo management BOF not too exciting, but interesting to hear that most people think tagging is too much work to be practical. I might want to make Dimbola be really good at that. Martin Krafft was late for the DebianBOF so I chaired/secretaried it. Lots of discussions, I almost felt it was my crowd still.

Penguin dinner in the evening was a disappointment from my point of view. Too many people, too much noise, I did not hear much and was slightly miserable. I should learn some day that I do not thrive in noisy crowds. I did, however, draw a penguin on my phone while there.


Saturday: LCA Open Day, talked to a bunch of people from companies, handed out my business card. A company called Lucid is doing a backup program called LBackup, free software, I might want to collaborate with them, given my continued interest in Obnam.


Also, saw a RepRap. Stunningly cool. A glimpse of the future.