I had a dream the night before last. I had enrolled into a ninja school, and I thought I would learn all about being invisible and climbing walls and ceilings. However, when we got to the school, they had taken in a busload of tourists whose bus had broken down. The tourists were noisy, nosy, and nauseating. They were everywhere, and we couldn't get a moment's respite from them.

I was getting angrier, and angrier, and started confronting the tourists. This made things worse. Not only would they escalate, they would gang up on me. Just at the time when I was about to start throwing stuff at them, I realized that his was not how ninjas should do it. Ninjas should be smart enough that they don't need to do direct fighting.

I calmed myself down, and took a step back, and decided to ignore the idiots. After just a little while, when they realized they couldn't get any reaction from me, not even a glance, they started ignoring me and concentrated their efforts on the other students.

That's when the professors told me I had graduated. It turns out that all the invisibility and climbing is just silliness. The real essence of being a ninja is ignoring taunts.

"Don't feed the trolls!" is the silent ninja war cry? Who knew.

I wish I could learn that kind of thing awake.