I’ve released version 0.25 of Obnam, my backup application.

  • Log files are now created with permissions that allow only the owner to read or write them. This fixes a privacy leak.
  • The nagios-last-backup-age subcommand is useful for setting up Nagios (or similar systems) to check that backups get run properly. Thanks to Peter Palfrader for the patch.
  • Some clarification on how the forget policy works, prompted by questions from Peter Palfrader.
  • New settings ssh-known-hosts (for choosing which file to check for known host keys), strict-ssh-host-keys (for disallowing unknown host keys), and ssh-key (for choosing which key file to use for SSH connections) allow better and safer use of ssh.
  • Checkpoints will now happen even in the middle of files (but between chunks).
  • The --pretend option now works for backups as well.


  • obnam ls now shows the correct timestamps for generations. Thanks, Anders Wirzenius.