Obnam is my backup program. See http://liw.fi/obnam/ for details.

Debian is hopefully going to be freezing the current testing version in June, in preparation for a release late this year. I'd like Obnam 1.0 to be included. In preparation for that I reviewed the currently open bugs and tagged the ones that I think are blockers.

See list of 1.0 blocker bugs.

Did I miss anything? Is anything there that isn't really a blocker?

Other than that, the roadmap for 1.0 has the following things that aren't done yet:

  • Verification test
  • Performance

Performance is one of those things that's always going to be a problem. I'm hoping to optimize the sftp performance a big, but apart from that, I don't consider it to be a blocker for 1.0. The verification test I'm confident I will pass, but it needs to actually be performed. (See the roadmap for details of the test.)

Anyone else have opinions of what needs to be done for Obnam 1.0?

PS. There's a mailing list for Obnam now.