I’ve released Obnam version 1.1, released 2012-06-30, but only announced now since I had trouble building the packages for code.liw.fi.

  • Mark the --small-files-in-btree settings as deprecated.
  • Obnam now correctly checks that --repository is set.
  • Options in --help output are now grouped in random senseless ways rather than being in one randomly ordered group.
  • Manual page clarification for --root and verify. Thanks, Saint Germain.
  • Remove outdated section from manual page explaining that there is not format conversion. Thanks, Elrond of Samba-TNG.
  • Added missing information about specifying a user in sftp URLs. Thanks, Joey Hess, for pointing it out.
  • Manual page clarification on --keep from Damien Couroussé.
  • Make obnam forget report which generations it would remove without --pretend. Thanks, Neal Becker, for the suggestion.