I have just released version 1.10 of Obnam, my backup program. See the website at http://obnam.org for details on what it does. The new version is available from git (see http://git.liw.fi) and as Debian packages from http://code.liw.fi/debian, and uploaded to Debian, hopefully soon in unstable.

The NEWS file extract below gives the highlights of what’s new in this version.

Version 1.10, released 2015-07-01

Major bug fixes:

  • Lars Wirzenius fixed the obnam backup command to lock the whole repository, the same way as obnam forget does, when it removes checkpoint generations. This means that during checkpoint removal, no other client can make a backup, which is unfortunate. To avoid that, set leave-checkpoints = yes in the configuration. That will prevent obnam backup from removing checkpoints.

Minor new features:

  • Lars Wirzenius added the obnam list-formats command to list all repository formats.

  • The default value for the upload-queue-size setting is now 1024, chosen based on some benchmarking made by Lars Wirzenius to balance speed and memory use.

  • An EXPERIMENTAL new repository format, green-albatross, as been introduced. It is not ready for actual use, and is only added so that its code doesn’t diverge far from the main line of development.

  • Teemu Hukkanen reported that the Synology NAS device returns EACCES instead of ENOENT when user tries to remove a non-existent file. Obnam now copes with either error code.

Minor fixes:

  • python setup.py build no longer formats the manual page into plain text. This is now done in python setup.py docs instead. The latter is an optional build step, and probably only works on Debian.

  • obnam restore --to=DIR now requires that the directory DIR either doesn’t exist, or it is empty when the restore starts. This is to prevent users from restore on top of a running system.