I have just released version 1.17 of Obnam, my backup program. See the website at http://obnam.org for details on what the program does. The new version is available from git (see http://git.liw.fi) and as Debian packages from http://code.liw.fi/debian, and uploaded to Debian, and soon in unstable.

The NEWS file extract below gives the highlights of what’s new in this version. It includes highlights for 1.15 and 1.16 as well, as I didn’t announce those in this blog.

Version 1.17, released 2015-09-12

  • Lukáš Poláček added the --fsck-skip-checksums setting to greatly speed up obnam fsck.

  • Lars Wirzenius fixed a bug that caused Obnam to sometimes back up the parent of the backup live data root. In other words, if running obnam backup $HOME/important, then Obnam might backup the whole of the home directory, instead of just the important subdirectory.

Version 1.16, released 2015-09-06

  • Fixed another typo in a variable name (“netloc”), found by Benedikt Neuffer.

  • Fixed a lot of missing module imports, unnecessary module imports, and other minor bugs and style issues found by pylint. Pylint now gets run automatically by the test suite.

    This includes a fix in exclude_pathnames_plugin.py to add a missing import and fix variable namaes, by Diane Trout. A similar fix was also contributed by Mesar Hameed.

  • Lukáš Poláček fixed an unlocking problem when GnuPG fails during an Obnam run. The lock should now be removed rather than left behind.

Version 1.15, released 2015-08-19

  • Fixed a typo in a variable name (“netloc”), found by Dirk.