I have just released version 1.18 of Obnam, my backup program. See the website at http://obnam.org for details on what the program does. The new version is available from git (see http://git.liw.fi) and as Debian packages from http://code.liw.fi/debian, and uploaded to Debian, and soon in unstable.

The NEWS file extract below gives the highlights of what’s new in this version.

Version 1.18, released 2015-11-04

Bug fixes:

  • William Boughton fixed parsing for sftp URLs with IPv6 addresses. Previously, sftp://[::1] would be interpreted by Obnam as an address [ followed by the port :1], but now it is correctly interpreted as the adddress ::1 and no explicit port.

  • Ian Campbell fixed a bug in the kdirstat plugin, improving the handling of unknown file types.

  • Lars Wirzenius changed the scan_tree code to not be recursive, to avoid problems with directory trees that are deeper than Python’s call stack limit allows.

Minor changes:

  • Lars Wirzenius added support for a multiline progress message during backup. Version 0.24 or newer of ttystatus is needed for this, but Obnam will work with an older version by displaying the same single-line progress message as before.

  • Ben Boeckel added the --gnupghome setting so that Obnam can be configured to use a separate GnuPG (gpg) configuration directory.

  • Henri Sivonen improved the compression code to not compress if the result would be larger.