I’ve just made release 1.2 of Obnam, my backup program. The NEWS file entry:

  • Added a note to --node-size that it only affects new B-trees. Thanks, Michael Brown.
  • New obnam diff subcommand to show differences (added/removed/modified files) between two generations, by Peter Valdemar Mørch.
  • obnam backup now logs the names of files that are getting backed up at the INFO level rather than DEBUG.
  • The command synopsises for backup, restore, and verify commands now make it clearer that Obnam only accepts directories, not individual files, as arguments. (For now.)
  • The output from the show plugin can now be redirected with the --output=FILE option. Affected subcommands: clients, generations, genids, ls, diff, nagios-last-backup-age.

Bug fixes:

  • Notify user of errors during backups.
  • The SFTP plugin now manages to deal with repository paths starting with /~/ which already exist without crashing.
  • Character and block device nodes are now restored correctly. Thanks to Martin Dummer for the bug report.
  • The symmteric key for a toplevel repository directory is re-encrypted when a public key is added or removed to the toplevel using the add-key or remove-key subcommands.
  • Manual page typo fix. Thanks, Steve Kemp.

This release has been uploaded to my own apt repository on code.liw.fi, for squeeze and unstable. Due to the Debian freeze, I am not uploading this to Debian at this time, though some changes may eventually be uploaded there.