I’ve just pushed out the release files for Obnam version 1.5, my backup application, and Larch, my B-tree library, which Obnam uses. They are available via my home page (http://liw.fi/). These versions have alos been uploaded to Debian unstable.

NEWS for Obnam:

  • Terminal progress reporting now updated only every 0.1 seconds, instead of 0.01 seconds, to reduce terminal emulator CPU usage. Reported by Neal Becker.
  • Empty exclude patterns are ignored. Previously, a configuration file line such as “exclude = foo, bar,” (note trailing comma) would result in an empty pattern, which would match everything, and therefore nothing would be backed up. Reported by Sharon Kimble.
  • A FUSE plugin to access (read-only) data from the backup repository has been added. Written by Valery Yundin.

NEWS for larch:

  • Bug fix in how Larch handles partly-comitted B-tree journals in read-only mode. Previously, this would result in a crash if, say, a node had been removed, but the B-tree metadata hadn’t been committed.