I’ve just published version 0.12 of Obnam, my backup program, and 0.12 of btree, the B-tree implementation it uses. Then I published obnam 0.12.1 on i386, to fix a problem with the Debian packages that did not affect my amd64 build.

From the Obnam NEWS file:

  • NOTE: This version makes incompatible changes to the way data is stored on-disk. Backups made with older versions are NOT supported. Sorry.
  • The run-benchmark script has dropped some smaller sizes (they’re too fast to be interesting), and adds a 10 GiB test size.
  • Various speed optimizations. Most importantly, the way file metadata (results of lstat(2)) are encoded has changed. This is the incompatible change from above. It’s much faster now, though.
  • Preliminary support for using SFTP for the backup store added. Hasn’t been used much yet, so might well be very buggy.

Btree has had a bit of speed optimization too.