For some years now I have kept a private journal, sort of a private blog. It is mainly related to my work and hobby development activities, though some private life gets poured into it as well.

It’s a private journal. It is not meant for others to read. It has a dual purpose in life:

  • a venue for me to develop thoughts, rant, express feelings, and what not, as uncensored as possible
  • a way to go back and check what I was thinking when I made a particular stupid thing

I find this journalling activity to be beneficial to software development. Since I mainly work alone, at home, it is a bit like having someone to talk to across the desk. However, since it is recorded, it is more practical to grep things for useful stuff later on. Re-reading entries also gives me a wonderful sense of how fast or slow things happen. For example, on January 23 last year, exactly one year ago tomorrow, I wrote:

That concludes my list of next actions that should be done before obnam is theoretically able to do normal backups.

I then spent most of last year actually making Obnam be capable of doing backups for real.

Recently, I thought that it might be interesting for some to read another programmer’s thought processes when designing, writing, and debugging code. For this reason, I’ve collected some of my journal entries from the past year or so, those related to Obnam and my Python B-tree library (which Obnam uses). I have lightly sanitized them, to protect other people’s privacy. Other than that, it’s me as raw as you could wish.

The dump is on my website.

Please be gentle and laugh at me behind my back.