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I am doing an Obnam survey. The goal of this survey is to collect feedback from those who use Obnam, or have tried it, to guide the project in the future.

The survey will run until February 29, 2016.


  • Get a feel for the number of people using Obnam, and how they are using it.
  • Find out why those who’ve tried Obnam have chosen to not use it.
  • Get input on roadmap planning: what things are wanted most, or least. What is important for Obnam users?
  • Get feedback on what’s good or bad about Obnam in general.
  • Get feedback about the project in addition to the software.
  • Get a feel for whether it’s worth pursuing business opportunities around Obnam.

All questions in this survey are optional. I do not collect personal information at all. The survey is implemented using Google Forms, and so Google probably collects some information; sorry. You don’t need to log in to Google to fill in the survey, though, and I encourage you to use all the privacy protection tools you have.

I hope as many Obnam users as possible fill in the survey.