I disagree with pretty much everything Norbert Preining says in his blog post about Sarah Sharp in response to Sharp's blog post Closing a door about leaving Linux kernel development. I think Preining mis-characterises what happens on the Linux kernel mailing list, and in Debian, in free software development in general, and what Sarah Sharp has said and done.

I do not wish to participate in yet another discussion on the Debian Code of Conduct, respect, appropriate behaviour, or whether these things result in worse software. I won't spend any further of my time on debating, point-by-point, the arguments and straw-men Preining makes. Those discussions have happened often enough, without any effect on Preining and those who think like him. Likewise, despite the many times he makes the arguments, I continue to think he is wrong about everything on this topic.

I do feel it is important to make it clear to the people reading Planet Debian, where both Preining's and my blogs are published, that his opinions are not mainstream in the Debian project, and that despite what he says, Debian development continues to be fun.