I've spent the past couple of weeks at Debconf10. As usual, Debconf has a huge motivational effect on me, and I am excited about doing all sorts of things for the project.

I'm still not all that interested in doing distribution development, which is why I retired last year. However, there's the Freedom Box project starting, which is distribution development, and I'm quite excited about it, but on the whole, I don't want to fix other people's bugs, I want to make my own.

Should I re-join Debian? If I do, what would I do?

I could develop tools for Debian to use. That doesn't technically require being a DD, but if I'm doing work for the project, I want voting rights.

I could perhaps do some work on piuparts. Or write various small tools that other people would find useful, and would make their own development go smoother.

(Ideally, I would find people willing to pay me to do that, but I have no idea how to find such people.)

And lest I forget, Debian is my tribe.