"The Secret Life of Machines" is a wonderful British TV series from 1988, about how various everyday machines work. The first season (six episodes) covers the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, sewing machine, fridge, central heating system, and television set.

All the usual kind of hard-core geeks already know all that, but since I'm not one of those, I enjoyed the show a lot, and learned from every episode.

The show did not have a bid budget. It's less showy than your typical mainstream production from the US: fewer people, fewer computer generated effects, fewer exotic places, and not HD, either (what with being made 20 years before HD).

What they lack in budget, they more than compensate in cleverness. It's truly a magnificent show. The wonderful dry British humor doesn't hurt.

What's more, the author of the show, Tim Hunkin points people at places to download the show. One of the places is a torrent file at Pirate Bay. That's highly unusual. In order to encourage such behavior, and to help others enjoy the show, I am using some of the bandwidth I have to seed the torrent.

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