We're travelling and we have several electronic devices with us. This means we have many cables. Cables are difficult enough at home, but especially so while travelling.

My current best approach is to put each cable in a small clear plastic bag (zip lock bag, I think they're called). This prevents the cables from getting entangled, but there's so many of them that it's still hard to keep them in order.

I wonder if it would be possible to develop a better solution? My best idea so far is a long piece of fabric with pieces of velcro sewn into it. The velcro would be located so that it would be possible to neatly put each cable in place and then roll the whole piece of fabric into a neat roll.

When it would be time to get a cable, one would unroll the fabric, and then unfasten one or two pieces of velcro to get the cable.

Perhaps pockets instead of velcro?

Anyone have better ideas? Anyone have an actual solution? I live in mortal dread of waking up one morning and learning that my cables have started to breed, and have decided to overthrow their master, and have strangled me to death while I slept.