For my own later reference, here are the main tools I use.


  • Lenovo Thinkpad X200s with 8 GiB RAM, 500 GB spinning hard disk.
    • it now 3.5 years since I bought the laptop; it is still working well
    • I've replaced the hard disk, the battery (twice), and added 4 GB RAM
  • Two 1 TB USB drives for backup, USB powered.


  • Debian GNU/Linux, wheezy (testing).
    • Baserock at work, but it's not yet quite there for my free time hacking
  • GNOME 3, with gnome-shell.
  • Gedit for writing text, plus vi when gedit is not an option.
  • Python, C, and shell/sed/awk/etc for programming.
    • learning Haskell
  • Bzr and git for version control.
    • I like bzr, but the world has chosen git, so I use it for my new projects, and will eventually be migrating my old projects to it
    • git hosting is trickier than bzr hosting, so I don't plan on doing that myself; using for it for the time being, but not all that happy with it
  • KVM with libvirt and virt-manager for virtualization.
    • I have a network of VM guests for running a CI system
  • Firefox for web browsing.
    • I really like having MAFF
  • offlineimap and mutt for e-mail.
  • Rhythmbox for playing music.
  • XChat for IRC.
  • Liferea for RSS/Atom feeds.

Mobile devices

  • Google Nexus One phone, with Android 2.something.
    • the hardware is too old to get newer Android versions, but it works fine and I care to upgrade
  • A Kindle keyboard, from 2010.

Online services

  • Google Calendar.
  • Branchable (ikiwiki) for my websites.
  • for microblogging, though I've mainly given up on that.
    • microblogs are abysmal for discussions
  • A (shared) physical server rented from, for off-site backups.