Once upon a time, I had a diary on Advogato, but rarely used that. Then I wrote my own web log engine, and used that for many years. Then I switched my entire site to Ikiwiki, but other things made the next blog a pain to use. This is my newest approach: a dedicated web site just for my blog.


I will be writing here about all the things that interest me and that I want to discuss in public. This blog does not have a topic as such, so it's as narrow-minded or ecletic as I am, or as I want to portray myself in public.

For the first time, readers can comment directly: this whole site is a wiki, every blog post is a page, and you can comment on a post by editing the corresponding discussion page, using the link at the bottom of the page. See moderation policy.

EDIT: Updated in 2011 to point at a more explicit moderation policy.