There is now an Ubuntu PPA for Obnam, with packages uploaded by the awesome Chris Cormack of Koha fame.

His mail to the (very low volume) Obnam mailing list has details:

If you experience any problems with the packages, don't hesitate to mail me, or the Obnam mailing list, or tell us on the #obnam IRC channel on

Are you going to tell the story of Linux' birth from your POV for the 20th birthday? I think a lot of people would be really interested.

thanks Thomas

Comment by Tom Thu Jul 28 19:38:20 2011

That's a weird comment on a PPA announcement. :)

I have something cooking, and if I get it done in time, I'll publish it. We'll see. Meanwhile, Linux Anecdotes is a related talk I gave in 1998.

Comment by Lars Wirzenius Thu Jul 28 20:06:04 2011