I'm not writing much relevant to Debian in my blog. It turns out I'm mainly using Planet Debian as a form of self-promotion. This is perhaps not the most polite thing to do, which bothers me a bit. So I've been thinking about dropping out of the aggregation.

There's also renewed discussion about public archiving of Planet, this time on debian-private. I am not happy about having my blog entries archived outside of my own blog, at least for now[*]. The consensus seems to be that Planet Debian really should be archived. I can see the benefits of that, particularly related to searching, and on the whole I think it'd be a good thing.

Since I'm one of the fairly few people preventing it, dropping out would help get it implemented, so that's another reason to drop out.

Thus, I bid you farewell, Planet Debian. It has been fun, but we've grown apart. Or at least I have.

I'm going to remove myself from the Planet configuration in a couple of days, so that this message stays'on the site until then. Both people following my blog via the Planet should subscribe to it directly; I apologize for the inconvenience to you.

[*] Some day I may be willing to write about my reservations on being archived, but not today. I'm too annoyed at people flaming me about this issue. This annoyance isn't the main reason I'm leaving: I wouldn't be in Debian at all, if I couldn't stand being occasionally annoyed.

Edit: Old discussion page.